2-Bedroom House for Php280k, Contemporary Design

Planning to build a home but you don’t have a lot of money? Well, you can start small with a tiny home and extend from there or make the frame and slowly add to your home whenever you have some extra cash. Whatever your choice, you’ll eventually get there. Just like this house that the family built for Php280k. It features a simple design with a compact living room, two bedrooms, and a bathroom.

It’s nice how this house already looks good despite its unpainted exterior walls. The form is already there but you can eventually add to the design, with accents to upgrade its look.

Still, the house has glass windows and a nice-looking roof. It also has a contemporary design. But how does it look inside?

Modern House, Lovely Interiors

This 2-bedroom house is made mostly of concrete materials, with glass windows and lovely wooden doors.

Inside, you can appreciate the lovely floor tiles with a marble-inspired design that matches any kind of décor theme you might want to have. The place looks bright with its orange walls, but if that color is too much, you can always opt for your favorite one.

Compact Floor Plan, Colorful Prints

This house boasts a compact floor plan that lets the living room share space with the kitchen and dining area. These spots are only divided by the media center. But you can always mount the TV on the wall and push the media center to the side to create a bigger space.

The colorful prints used for the furniture covers and curtains also make this place look brighter.

Nice Bedrooms, Simple Bathroom

There are two nearly identical bedrooms in this house both also painted the same shade of orange as the rest of the house. The floors also have marble-inspired tiles. For now, the mattresses are put on the floor, but beds can always be added later on.

There’s a simple bathroom in this house, but it’s functional and actually a common design in many rural areas.

The owners of this house explained that they spent a total of Php280k building this place.