With its fruit orange exteriors, you can be assured that this lovely home is a joy to live in! The modern design features two sections of flat roofs sloping on opposite sides, similar to a gable-type house but with a contemporary twist.

White ceilings create a nice contrast with the orange walls while stone accents and old fashioned lamps create added interest to the porch posts. The porch itself is more of an accent to the entryway than a hangout but adding built-in benches could easily upgrade this spot.

The inside walls are painted in blue, a soothing contrast to the orange exteriors.

Cute Orange House

This cute orange house might be small, but it can easily stand out among the homes in the neighborhood due to its refreshing fruity colors. The color scheme extends towards the back, but the ventilation walls at the kitchen area at the back feature orange and blue colors.

The main door is made of glass while the back door is made of wood.

Pastel Blue Interiors

Blue is used for the walls of the interiors, including in the 2 bedrooms and the kitchen. The soothing pastel color creates a homey atmosphere. The area nearer to the door serves as the living room while the space towards the back, near the kitchen, can easily be the spot for your dining area.

Lovely Rooms, Spacious Kitchen

The two bedrooms are set right next to each other, with matching wooden doors painted in chestnut brown. The master’s bedroom is larger and has sliding windows on two walls.

The kitchen is spacious, with L-shaped counters that provide ample space for lots of small appliances you might need for daily cooking activities. There is also enough space for a full-sized oven and a double-door fridge.

This charming 2-bedroom home could be built for a budget of around Php1.2 million.