Nice 2-Bedroom House with Lovely Carport, Stylish Design

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While a lot of homes in the past make use of a garage that double as stock room, many homeowners these days prefer carports for its airy design. That’s a great selling point for this nice 2-bedroom house that comes with a lovely carport.

The house features a stylish design with flat roofs, a beautiful porch at the front, and lovely shades of grey on the walls. Even the back area looks great for this modern house. The fence also matches the materials used to build the house, creating a nice look.

As expected of this modern home, the interiors are stylish and would surely be a place you can relax in comfort with your family.

Stylish House Design

Raised on a platform that’s about 1 meter high, this house looks quite grand on its higher spot. This creates a nice vantage point from inside the house for you to admire the surrounding view and actually adds curb appeal to your home.

This grand 2-bedroom house was built for a budget of at least Php2 million.