2-Bedroom Modern House Design with 2 Bathrooms & Nice Carport

2 min

A modern house plan with 2 bedrooms and a nice carport, this would make a beautiful home for your family. The carport at the side can fit two vehicles while a nice porch is a welcoming feature at the front of the house.

Painted in shades of grey plus some brown and yellow accents, this home is pleasing to lookout.

Inside, the house looks great and has comfortable spaces to ensure that you can always enjoy spending time at home. The interior design is created with thought for comfort and style. Even the bathrooms look stunning in this modern 2-bedroom house.

Lovely Porch, Modern Design

Built-in benches with wooden backs make a nice place to hang out any time of the day at the lovely porch. While this spot is small, there is still ample space for relaxation.

This 2-bedroom modern house with 2 bathrooms was built for Php1.4 million.