A charming pink façade and a compact design make this 2-bedroom house a nice choice for many families. It is budget-friendly but still has plenty of beautiful space inside for a medium-sized family to hang out and bond together.

The cute pink walls are complemented by the white posts and white cut. But the house has a blue roof instead of keeping up with the pink theme. The blue gable roof creates a classic appearance that’s also quite perfect for a home in the tropics.

Inside, the house has a nice living area and 2 bedrooms, with each section painted in a different color. The living room is green while the 2 bedrooms are painted in blue and pink.

Cute Design

This home is so cute! You’ll fall in love with the pink design though boys might have a different opinion about this charming little home.

Set also in pink, the small porch at the front frames the entryway. Its focal point is the double doors made of wood. The sole post at the porch has a nice accent while the pink-and-white theme is used throughout the exterior walls of the house.

Nice Interiors

This home is compact but makes sure that there is amply space for the living room, dining area, and bedrooms. The floor tiles are in white to make sure they don’t clash with the colorful walls of this charming home.

The recessed ceiling is actually a simple rectangle but still manages to look great.

Beautiful Bathroom

While this house only features one bathroom, that is often enough for a medium-sized family to share. This compact home also has a compact but well-equipped bathroom.

The white walls make space look bigger while the accent wall with black paint upgrades the compact bathroom to a more sophisticated toilet.

In all, this 2-bedroom house can be built for around Php800,000.