2-Bedroom Purple House with Modern Design, Beautiful Garden

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Set in a spacious lot with ample space for a beautiful flower garden, this 2-bedroom purple house is a great place to live in. It features a modern design with a porch that extends from the front portion of the home.

The main door is made of wood that’s painted in a lovely shade of brown. Small windows framed in white add style to the grey exterior walls of this home while stylish tiles are used for the pillars that provide support to the porch roof.

Inside, the house looks stylish with recessed ceilings with creative lights. The dim colors might not be something that you want to have at home, but you can always pick another color or simply use the usual white lights.

Creative Design, Stylish Porch Furniture

The house makes use of flat roofs but instead of just having one, it splits the roof design into three. Two are over the main portion of the house, angled opposite each other while the porch roof slopes a bit towards the front.

This house also features a nice bathroom with stylish wall tiles, large showerhead, and lovely modern fixtures. You can build this house for around Php1 million.