With its vintage design that features a porch at the front area, with the master’s bedroom jutting out to one side in a semi L-shaped floor plan, this 2-bedroom house is a lovely place to live in. This home also features plenty of glass windows, upgrading the vintage look into a modern home that you’ll surely be proud of.

The exterior walls are made of wood battens but the interiors are smooth. Each part of the house also features different floor tiles, creating a defined space for each portion.

Set on a low platform painted in brown, this house looks great even from afar.

Stylish Exterior Design, Classic Porch

Keeping up with its woodsy vintage style, this house is painted with brown on the outside. The base has a darker shade while the walls have a lighter, creamy brown hue. White trim perfectly complements the brown walls.

Even the classic porch has white railings. Huge sliding glass doors and windows open the house to fresh air and natural light, actually helping you lower your electricity costs.

Stylish lights are also placed on the porch and side walls for added curb appeal. The house’s exterior design carries on to the back, though the back doors are made of wood material painted in white.

Spacious Interiors, Elegant Accents

Just like many homes, this one features an open plan design for the living room and dining area.

However, the kitchen is set a bit towards the back, just between the two bedrooms.

Elegant accents are used to make the house look better. For instance, checkered wall tiles create an interesting accent on the walls of the kitchen.

Lovely Rooms, Nice Bathroom

The 2 bedrooms of this house look lovely, each set with wood-inspired floor tiles. The master’s bedroom features much larger glass windows while the second bedroom has regular-sized sliding glass windows.

There is only 1 bathroom in this house. It is decorated in marble tiles done mostly in white but with one accent wall of black tiles.

Modern bathroom fixtures are used in this otherwise vintage 2-bedroom house.