With an exterior that is predominantly painted in grey, this 2-bedroom house looks fantastic with its pink accent at the exterior wall of the master’s bedroom. This beautiful modern home has gorgeous roof tiles, also in grey.

Its modern design ensures that there is space for everything you and your family needs. There are 2 nice bedrooms, 1 bathroom, and a lovely hall where you can hang out with your family anytime of the day. There’s ample space for every activity, with the house provided with a compact layout to ensure that there is no wasted space.

There’s also room for one car in the carport.

Modern Façade

Featuring a small porch that’s really more of an accent to the main door than a hangout, this house features a modern façade that you can be proud. A small built-in bench is placed at the porch, perfect for relaxing or chatting up outside the house.

Lights also add design to the posts at the porch while the pink accent at the front wall softens the otherwise no-nonsense grey appearance of this modern home.

Great Design from Front to Back

This house was built with a solid design in mind. This design carries on from the front to the back, with the colors and accent patterns retained for added beauty.

Darker grey lines showcase the symmetry of this lovely home, standing out from the lighter grey walls. White window frames create a nice contrast with the darker exterior colors of this house.

Light Interiors, Stylish House

The creamy colors of the interiors are a sharp contrast with the house’s dark exteriors. Brown paint creates faux baseboards in this house, outlining the floor line and the doorways.

A nice kitchen is set at an angle from the living room and dining area.

Built for a budget of around Php1.6 million, this 2-bedroom house features a stylish toilet with a black and white theme.