With its beautiful walls made of bamboo and glass, this 2-story bamboo native house also features a modern design that makes this place look absolutely fantastic. 

While it is best suited as a vacation home, this can also be your regular home.

Best suited in the tropics, this house is a cool place to stay in. The bamboo material and the nipa roof ensure that the space remains cool even on the hottest summer days while the glass materials retain some heat for the night and create a stunning effect on this native home. The high ceilings also create an atrium effect.


Beautiful Exterior Design

An architect was certainly hired to design this home as it clearly features a beautiful exterior that differs from your usual ‘bahay kubo’. Of course, this is no ordinary ‘bahay kubo’ and it could even fit even in a posh, gated subdivision.

There’s a balcony on the second floor that juts out over the porch below. But even the back area of this house also looks stunning!

Lovely Loft Bedroom

There’s a lovely loft bedroom that’s accessed by stairs made of sturdy wood. The loft is supported by a mix of bamboo and other wood material for safety.

The loft bedroom is set above get living room portion while the atrium area features dining room and kitchen separated by a beautiful brick wall.

This house has a resort vibe yet still makes you feel right at home. Meanwhile, the space under the stairs could double as a spot for a small home office.

Native Style Modern Bathroom?

In the photos of this house, the bathroom was not included but a box-like figure seen at one side of the house appears to be the native bathroom. Considering that this house has modern features all over the place, it is easy to deduce that this would surely be a modern bathroom inside the native structure.

Depending on the ready availability of materials in the area, this house could cost over Php1 million to design and build.