Viewed from the front, this 2-story home might look drab and rather boring, but everyone is surely surprised by the gorgeous interiors and surprising space inside!

Considering that it was built on a very narrow lot that’s less than 4 meters wide, with a fence on both sides, it is amazing how the architects were able to create a lovely home that anyone can be proud of.

The front could really use an upgrade, considering the gorgeous interiors, but the homeowner probably wanted the house to blend in with the others in the neighborhood. After all, it appears that the two adjacent buildings look just similar to the featured home.

Entry and Front Area

Styled in a similar manner as the neighboring homes, the house looks too simple and boring from the entryway. It has greyish blue paint at the front area, with white trim.

The wooden doorway doesn’t look extra special; though the windows might hint on the beauty inside this perfectly camouflaged home.