What do you want to have in your home? This impressive 2-story house comes with a lovely porch, creative interiors with an open plan for the living room and dining area, and stylish bedrooms at the second floor.

Truly a great place to live in, this house looks a bit simple at the exteriors, with dark grey walls and a modern fence with horizontal steel design and a matching gate. A roof extends towards the fence to create a small yet lovely porch in the front area.

Inside, this impressive house has creative interiors that make use of every inch of space to create a spacious home despite the limited space.

Modern Duplex Home

This isn’t a detached home, so your options are limited when it comes to decorating the exteriors. But you can make up for that by making sure that the front looks nice and impressive despite the small space.

This house uses a modern fence that doubles as wall for the porch. That’s making good use of this limited space.