When planning to build a home for you and your family, it is always important to put form and function in mind. That’s exactly what you will find in this fabulous 2-story house that features a beautiful porch at the main entrance, a modern design, and a nice carport at the side.

The exterior walls of the second floor are decked with powder blue battens while the first floor comes in grey concrete that’s ready for cladding with stone tiles or other materials to make these walls look better.

This house is built inside a property with a nice concrete fence that has steel accents that match the sliding gate.

Modern House Design, 2 Stories

You’ll love the look of this beautiful house with a modern design that you can truly be proud of. It is a beautiful place to live in, with stylish interiors that are also quite comfortable.

The 2-story design means that there is more space for the bedrooms and common areas. This also provides you with a better vantage point to enjoy the views around your home.

Spacious Interiors

The interiors of this house have plenty of space for various activities, with all the rooms placed at the second floor. The living room occupies a big space that has direct access from the main entrance while the dining area is set close to the stairs.

Stylish ceilings come with lovely lights that match the ones used in other parts of the house. A half-wall separates the living room from the stairs and utility area.

Modern Kitchen

A modern kitchen is located towards the back of the house, with ample space for large kitchen appliances that you will need for food preparation. The kitchen also has access to the back area through a beautiful door made of wood.

This fabulous 2-story home costs at least Php2.8 million to build and furnish.