If money is not an issue, a lot of people would build big houses to provide lots of space for the family to have fun. In this house, there are plenty of common spaces for special family gatherings or simple hangouts.

2-Story House with 3 Bedrooms

Standing tall at 2 stories high, this modern house features 3 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, and plenty of spacious usable areas. It is a fabulous place to live in, with stylish common areas, elegant bedrooms, and even a balcony on the second floor.

Though the house is mostly painted in grey, you can pick brighter colors if you wish to have a livelier façade.

Contemporary House Design, 2 Floors

With its stylish roofs, this house looks great even from a distance. You’ll be proud of the modern design and the lovely lights that are used as accents at the pillars, too. Creative accents can also be seen on the roof.

The main entrance to the house is through the sliding glass doors that are easily accessed from the porch.

Spacious Interiors, Excellent Floor Plan

Just like other houses in its category, this grand 2-story house offers lots of spaces, both in the common areas and the private bedrooms. Feel free to decorate the entryway with artwork or some useful furniture pieces to display your collections.

There’s a spacious living room where you can easily enjoy movie marathons or simply chat with the family. This house has 3 bedrooms. Designed for a large family, it actually features 5 bathrooms. Wow.

Stylish Second Floor

The wood-inspired tiles on the second floor add style to this modern home. Instead of being just for the master’s bedroom, the second-floor balcony is shared by everyone and is accessed through the spacious hall.

Building this grand mansion will cost at least Php6 million.