For many families, a 2-story house can be ideal because it can offer more fun places for you to hang out with family and friends without encroaching on private spaces.

Plus, having a second floor is good because you can have better views, particularly if you add a balcony and live in a nice neighborhood or have a yard with lovely plants.

Aside from that, this 2-story house features two bedrooms, a modern kitchen, and a dining room that shares space with the open living room at the first floor.

2-Story House with Lots of Fun Places

This house even has solar panels, which can take advantage of the free energy from the sun.

2-Story Design, Lovely Balcony

Standing tall and proud at two stories high, this house has nice design features, lovely walls made of wood, and a balcony that stretches through the length of the house. (See Article: Lovely Wood Home with Nice Balcony, Beautiful Garden)

Access to the second floor is through the exterior flight of stairs located at the side of the house.

You can always opt to put this inside the house or add a roof to this section.

Open First Floor, Nice Living Spaces

The first floor of this house has open walls, except in some of the sides used for the bathroom and protection for the kitchen area.

You can enjoy the fresh air while hanging out at the living room or enjoying your meals in the open dining area.

This house really gives off a resort vibe that makes it appear grand and inviting.

Comfortable Bedrooms, Nice Bathroom

This house features two comfortable bedrooms on the second floor that are directly accessed from the balcony.

The floors, walls, and furnishings of the second floor are made of wood, adding elegance to this home.

The only disadvantage of this design is that there aren’t any toilets on the second floor.

You can remedy that by adding some on the same side as the downstairs toilet; though that can also affect the aesthetics of the second-floor area.

The cost of building this house largely depends on the materials you use, with some wood costing more per board foot than others.

Be prepared to shell out around Php2 million for this beautiful home.

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Source/Photo: Awesome Home Ideas and Decor