Living in a 2-story house has its advantages, particularly if you found a lot that is near a beautiful view. Having a house that has a second floor will make it easier for you to enjoy the view to your heart’s content, even from the comforts of your own room.

This lovely house has pastel-colored walls that look great even from afar. The modern design is also pleasing to the eyes, with the flat roof designed to also make the house look interesting despite it being simple.

The house stands tall and will surely make your proud. There’s a comfortable balcony at the second floor where you can relax.

Great Design, Lovely Balcony

After a long and tiring day, it’s always great to go home and rest. But it is also nice to have a nice spot to hang out and enjoy the view so you can unwind while breathing in the fresh air.

With its modern design, this house would surely be an excellent pick for an urban setting yet would still be great even in a rural or beachside location.

Nice Floor Plan, Elegant House

The interiors of this house are decorated to look elegant at all times. Entrance to the house is through the huge sliding glass doors that directly open to the living room. The house does not have a porch but you can always opt to landscape the surrounding grounds and add a garden table so you can relax outdoors.

Stainless steel railings are used for the stairs, with huge glass windows added at the wall beside the landing.

Beautiful Second Floor Space

The second floor is not just occupied by the two bedrooms but also comes with a comfortable space that you can use for various purposes, including as an open library or game room for the family.

The shiny brown wooden doors lead to the spacious rooms while white PVC doors are used for the bathrooms.

A house like this would need at least Php2.2 million to build.