Do you have a small, narrow lot but want a comfortable house to live in? You can find inspiration in this 2-story house with a sunflower theme and a design that’s perfect for that kind of limited space. Despite the small space, it features a balcony, lovely entryway, welcoming porch, a compact living room that shares an open space with the kitchen and dining area, and bedrooms on the second floor.

Lots of sunflowers brighten up this house, including sunflower-printed covers on furniture and appliances. It’s really sunflower overload for this house! Although if you’re using this house as inspiration, you can always minimize the sunflower prints and use plain ones or the design you prefer to use.

Compact but Wonderful House Design

Even if you aren’t a fan of the sunflower prints, there’s still a lot to love about this 2-story home. The owners found a way to maximize the space by using an open plan.

For the entryway and porch area, a furniture set made of ornately carved wood creates a welcoming spot that doubles as an outdoor living room.

Lovely Interiors, Compact Floor Plan

Inside the house is a typical L-shaped sofa configuration used for the living room. It’s a bright spot for hanging out with the family, thanks to the many sunflowers all over this space.

To maximize the space, this spot even uses the area under the stairs for setting up the TV and various multi-media devices.

Modern Kitchen, Nice Dining Area

It’s surprising how the kitchen also has plenty of sunflower prints. The owners must really love this flower. An L-shaped counter makes food preparation easier in this compact but modern kitchen.

Built-in cabinets ensure that there’s lots of space in this home, despite the limited area. All the rooms are upstairs.

You might need to spend around Php1.8 million on this home.