A 2-story native house has surprised a lot of netizens for its modern twist as it is placed on top of concrete posts, with two balconies for relaxation. Perfect as vacation home or a temporary hangout while you are in the farm, this house was built next to a fishpond.

2-Story Native House

Most likely farmed for commercial purposes, the rectangular fishpond set right next to where the house was built appears to be a copy of the other fishponds in the farm. To ensure safety, stones are placed on the road to provide traction and to keep the road compact for vehicles, particularly during rainy season.

2-Story Native House front

Native House

The native portion of the house is set on the second floor, with a steel frame and large concrete posts to keep the spot sturdy. The native house has a thatched roof. The walls are also made of the same material, making this space cool even on hot summer days.

With its open area design, the 1-bedroom native house is a comfortable place to live in. However, due to the nature of this house design and the surrounding areas, this home is not ideal for a family with small kids.