2-Story Native House with Open Living Room at First Floor

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Planning on building a native house with a second floor but on a limited budget? This house just might be the perfect one for you.

With the bedroom on the second floor, this house provides a lovely vantage point where you can relax while admiring the view of your surroundings. This is perfect in a tropical setting, with lots of plants all around the place.

Made of bamboo, this house is a cool place to live in, even on hot summer days. Since the house is made of wood, bamboo, and other light materials, make sure to continually check for signs of wood-boring creatures such as termites to keep your house safe.

Nice Native House

This house has a simple native design that features a living room without walls at the first floor. Reminiscent of nipa huts built at the beach, the first floor has built-in benches made of bamboo. The benches come with bamboo back support. At the middle is a built-in table, also made of the same material.

A native house like this may be built for just around Php100,000 but you can always make improvements in its design, style, and building materials to suit your needs.