In picking a house design, comfort is not the only thing that comes to mind. You also have to take many factors into consideration, including your budget and the style or design of your upcoming home.

This 3-bedroom contemporary house features a carport and a beautiful balcony. This home is perfect for a growing family but would make an excellent house even for singles or a retired couple who just want to have extra bedrooms.

The flat roof over the main portion of the house slopes towards the back, but there’s a shorter roof that covers the porch and slopes towards the front.

Beautiful Balcony, Modern House Design

Set on a short platform a few feet off the ground, this house features a beautiful balcony that comes with a commanding view of the surroundings. This would be perfectly complemented by a well-manicured lawn or landscaped garden.

The modern house is easy to figure out from the balcony that marks the main entrance, the huge glass windows and the sliding glass doors, the extended carport to one side, and the open plan for the living room and the kitchen area.

Elegant Interiors

Step through the huge sliding glass doors to enter the elegant interiors of this contemporary home. One While most of the walls are painted in peach, one wall at the living room features a faux brick pattern made from ceramic tiles.

Bedroom doors have stylish wooden doors painted in natural brown. Even the bathroom doors also have wood doors for added style.

Spacious Bedrooms, Stylish Bathrooms

This home takes pride in its elegance – and that’s something that you can easily find in the spacious bedrooms with different tile designs from the common areas. The recessed ceilings also feature carefully picked lights that add accent to the look.

Even the bathrooms are stylish, with wooden doors and beautiful tile designs. This stylish home was built for a budget of around Php2 million.