What is your ideal dream house? For many, this means having their own private pool so they can enjoy a dip anytime and as often as they want to! That’s the reason why this 3-bedroom dream house is a fantastic option for you and your family to have as home.

Its gorgeous façade makes use of several elements to create elegance while also ensuring that your home is safe. There’s a basement garage, a beautiful lawn with tropical plants, and a nice fence-like barrier at the main entrance to keep intruders out.

This house is truly a beauty to behold!

Grand House Design

This house has a grand design that would make it perfect for a growing family. With things done on a grander scale, expect the price range to be high. However, if you’re willing to shell out a good amount of money for a beautiful house, then this makes a great sample to follow.

The house stands tall and looks impressive even from afar. The private pool is also an excellent addition.

Gorgeous Interiors

As to be expected of this grand home, the interiors are huge and decorated so nicely. You get not just one but three elegant living rooms! No more fighting on who gets to sit where and which channel to watch.

Amazingly, the doors fold like an accordion to create an open space that makes this house appear even larger.

Fantastic Bedrooms

The bedrooms are large and stylish, with sliding glass doors that open to a private balcony. Each one is also styled differently yet all exude elegance, even the kids’ rooms.

Huge Hotel-Like Bathrooms

You’d think there’s a private spa in this gorgeous house as the huge hotel-like bathrooms are perfect for pampering everyone in the family. Two of these bathrooms have their spa tubs where you can relax.

A wondrous dream house like this costs at least Php5 million to build!