A lodge owned by a policeman, this 3-bedroom grey house has modern design features that make the place look grand without looking too overdone.

There’s beauty in its simplistic design that uses lines to define the space. This home has a more subdued appearance with its grey and white colors but manages to still look so beautiful inside and out.

The flat roof is designed nicely over the house, not just sloping to one side but creating different styles over various portions of the house for a better effect.

Inside, the home is obviously styled so nicely. It features various design pieces that add interest to the space, including flower-styled lamps and accent walls.

Modern House Design

This house looks great even on the outside. The exterior design features different roof styles that add curb appeal to the home.

Modern posts are made of steel while a narrow porch appears to wrap around the front side of the house. This is more of a design rather than a fully functioning porch; though you can still put chairs at the space to chat with friends.

The grey and white theme wraps around the house.

Stylish Interiors

Walls inside the house, the walls are painted in light, greyish blue tones.

The living room is set to the left while the master’s bedroom is at the right, extending towards the front portion of the house. An accent wall made of stone tiles adds beauty to the living room.

Modern Kitchen and Bathrooms

This home has a modern kitchen that has stylish wood-inspired tiles. The spot is separated from the main hall by a counter that you can also use for serving dishes during parties. Drop lights add beauty to the space.

The 3 bedrooms in this modern home are stylish, too. This grand home was built for a budget of around Php2 million.