The modern design is one of the best reasons why you should pick this house for your dream home with your family or even as a reward to yourself for your hard work. There’s even a small carport just beside the house to fit your car.

A great place to live in, this house features exterior walls painted in different shades of blue that’s actually nice to look at. Grey and white are also added for accent, creating an elegant look that would surely make people admire your home.

This house even comes with a fence that’s painted to match the façade. The sliding gates look elegant, too.

Dream House Design

Truly a house that you’ll love to go home to after a long, busy day, this one features 3 spacious bedrooms, a nice living area, and ample space for a beautiful garden that you can plant with tropical greenery.

Though flat roofs are used for this home, these are designed to make the place look even more elegant, even from afar. The small porch at the front also adds curb appeal to your home.

Even the back area looks fantastic in this modern home.

Beautiful Interiors

As you might have already guessed, the interiors of this home look truly beautiful. White paint is used on the walls to make the space look bigger and brighter while the recessed ceilings come with elegant designs.

The gorgeous wooden double doors open to a spacious living room that comes with stylish windows. The window style it used all over the house, creating a seamless theme.

Spacious Kitchen, Nice Bathrooms

The kitchen looks fantastic, with lots of space for you to add a kitchen island or a dining table at the middle. The L-shaped kitchen counters have black granite countertops and stainless steel sink for better food preparation.

Even the bathrooms look great in this beautiful home that you can build for around Php1.4 million.