A 1-story house with 2 bedrooms is perfect for a small to medium-sized family. Because it is small, the house is much easier to build and maintain. It would be perfect for a family on a budget who wish to have their own home, too.

This house design is small yet it is something that you can still be proud of having as your home. It features a welcoming porch at the front that comes with built-in benches for your convenience.

Although set mostly in grey and brown, this house looks great. It won’t stand out from the neighborhood but it will be a homey place to live in. You can always opt to change the colors to your preference.

Modern House Design, Comfortable Porch

The porch acts as the main entrance to the house and is a great hangout no matter what time of day. You get to relax in this lovely porch while admiring the view of your surroundings. Thus, the house is best complemented by a lush garden so you can rest your eyes after a long day at work.

The house also features a modern design and built with modern materials such as steel trusses and color roof. A large artwork also adorns the porch, making the place look really nice.

Stylish Interiors

Sliding glass doors and tall glass windows create the illusion of added space in this home. The stylish interiors have creative ceilings. The living room even features a circular ceiling design with a lovely combination of ceiling fan and lights adorning the middle part.

You can always place thick, floor-length curtains at the windows to upgrade to an elegant look.

Nice Bedrooms, Lovely Doors

This house is truly a fabulous place to live in. The bedrooms are nice and are spacious enough for you to furnish and decorate at will. The interior walls are still painted in light grey but you can create a livelier look with pastel-colored walls.

Lovely doors also grace this house. With this design and style, you can build this 2-bedroom house from scratch for around Php1.8 million.