3-Bedroom House with Modern Design, Compact Living Space of 84 sqm

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Set on a platform with a height of 50cm, this 3-bedroom house has a commanding presence. Despite its dark grey tones, this house could easily stand out in the neighborhood with its modern design.

Suitable for a medium-sized family, this 3-bedroom house has compact living space of 84 sqm. Its floor plan is also idea for the family, encouraging convergence at the living room for bonding activities and fun.

Panorama and white sliding windows with aluminum edges create a stunning visual effect that sets this house apart from the others. Steel accents and stone-inspired tiles on the porch as well as the stairs make this house look great.

Impressive Design, Modern Style

Sloping flat roofs over each of the three sections of the house create an interesting style on this modern house but keeps costs low with the economical flat design.

This modern 3-bedroom house was built for a budget of Php1.4 million.