This beautiful 3-bedroom house set in the suburbs features a modern design. It has a nice porch and carport. Truly, it would be perfect for most families. The gate and fence around the house perfectly complement the contemporary design, with black steel designs that match the carport.

The pyramid hip roof is blue and makes the house look even more beautiful. Painted in cream with greyish blue and orange accents, this house is pleasing to the eyes. The same color scheme is used on the sides and back.

Sliding glass windows have the same design as the sliding glass doors, with all also having white frames and trim.

Lovely Entrance, Impressive House Design

The gate of this home leads directly to the carport but the main entrance is only just a few steps away. This is accessed through a short flight of stairs that leads to the porch with built-in benches.

Stone accents are used on the pillars of the porch to make the spot look nice.

Nice Floor Plan, Stylish Home

The floor plan is nice for this stylish home. Just like most homes, the living room is right beside the main doors. This area features a beautiful ceiling with recessed design and creative lights.

Access to the rooms is easy, thanks to the floor plan that maximized the space of this house while also making sure that there is enough space for 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.

The doors to the bedrooms are made of wood painted in chestnut brown that matches easily with the baseboards.

Modern Kitchen and Bathrooms

The single-line kitchen features a stainless-steel hood over the built-in stove. Stylish prints are used as accent on the walls around the counter but the rest of the kitchen has white walls.

This house has 2 bathrooms, both of which look stylish with their white and grey theme. Depending on the actual size, this house may be built for around Php1.5 million.