This 3-bedroom house with 100 sqm of space features a modern design that would be perfect for any location. It has a lovely porch at the front and exteriors decorated in grey and dark brown.

A beautiful flight of stairs lead to this lovely home that has welcoming interiors.

Set in two shades of grey, this home is comfortable and is something that you can truly be proud of. It has a lovely façade that would be perfect if complemented with a beautiful garden filled with flowers.

With a platform that is 1m high, this house has a better vantage point of the view around it. This platform is defined by its white paint and grey accents.

Great Design

This 1-story house has a great design and a grey-white theme that wraps around from the front to the back. The glass windows around the house have dark tint, as with the sliding glass doors that decorate the front and welcome you to this lovely place.

A short flight of stairs is placed at the back, with brown tiles and stainless steel railings.

Lovely Interiors

Step inside the beautiful main door to lovely interiors that boast of white marble tiles, floor-length black curtains, and gorgeous furnishings. The ceilings look beautiful, with a stylish design and a beautiful lamp as focal point in the middle of the room.

The walls and ceilings are painted in white, but the trim around the windows and doors are painted in dark brown for added elegance.

Great Layout

The three bedrooms are lined up at one side while the kitchen is built towards the back, with access to the back area through a brown door.

The L-shaped kitchen also has white marble tiles that match the floors but the backsplash is made of white tiles with lovely flower prints.

The bathroom looks small but remains elegant and has a division between the wet and dry areas.

A house like this could be built for a budget of Php1.4 million.