This 3-bedroom house has boxy looks. Inside this modern house design is a spacious place you can call home. Many of the walls have sliding glass doors, making the place look even larger than it actually is. The 3 bedrooms are nice and spacious. Even the bathroom looks so stylish in this house.

Creative and nice to look at even with its boxy design, this place is perfect for a growing family. The sliding glass doors add elegance to this home. Just make sure to add thick floor-length curtains for privacy at night.

The exteriors are painted a mix of grey and brown while the interiors come in light grey walls and white marble floors.

Modern House Design, Elegant Home

From the outside, the house appears to be divided into three sections, with lots of sliding glass doors all over the place. A section of the living room wall even appears to be the main door but the primary entrance to the house is through the huge double doors made of wood that are set to the side of the entryway.

Flat roofs perfectly complement the boxy design, adding elegance to this home.

Stylish Interiors

You can decorate the spacious entryway with artwork and some lovely potted plants. While most of the walls are painted in light grey, a portion of the living room has a tiled background to define the TV and multi-media spot.

White brick-style tiles are also used as backsplash in the kitchen area. An oversized leather couch would certainly be perfect in the living room while the dining room has plenty of space for a huge table with large chairs.

Modern Kitchen, Nice Bathrooms

The L-shaped counters in this modern kitchen are topped with granite countertops. This modern kitchen also features a stainless-steel sink, sliding glass windows along the exterior walls, and creative tiles that define the entire space.

This dream house would cost at least Php2.8 million to construct.