3-Bedroom Single Storey House Design 1

Though most of us are still living with parents even after having a family, we must admit that they still wanted their own house.

Some dream of having their own house away from in-laws because of a bad relationship, some just wants to be independent at all ends.

Nevertheless, all want their own house. If you’re looking for a 3-bedroom house that is only one-story, then this house plan is for you.

3-Bedroom Single Storey House Design 2

This single-story house plan can be built in a lot with 10 meters frontage and a minimum lot area of 167 square meters. This will base on 3 conditions – One, the setback for both sides should be 1.50 meters. Two, rear is at 2 meters. And lastly, the front should be at 3 meters.

3-Bedroom Single Storey House Design 3

This house is a 3-bedroom house, where 1 serves as the master’s bedroom and the other 2 as standard bedrooms. It has two toilets and bath, entrance porch, living room, dining room, kitchen, and dirty kitchen area.

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