Looking for a small house that can accommodate your 5-member family? This house plan is for you.

If you’re looking for a 3-bedroom small house and you have a lot area of 132 square meters with a minimum width of 8 meters, this house design is your best contender.

This house plan design has a total floor area of  70 sq.m that meet the need of your 5-member family. The house is consists of 1 suite, 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, kitchen, living room, and laundry area.

The roof is keep hidden by the parapet wall on top of the ceiling line giving the house elevation a modern-elegant look.

The 2 sides of the house are built with firewalls. Its brick wall accent also adds sophistication of the house. And also, the designer creatively adds a horizontal white line design to conceal the toilet window of the master’s bedroom. The white horizontal lines can be tubular bars or wooden planks.

The master’s bedroom, as well as the 2 other rooms, are located on the left side. The 2 bedrooms share a common toilet and bath. And the master bedroom is 10 square meter in size with an en-suite toilet and bath. Since this side is a firewall, small open space is created to maintain good ventilation.

To give you the detailed floor plan, this 3-bedroom small house plan starts with a veranda then, living area. The living area is 9.60 square meters or 3.4 meters by 3.15 meters in dimension. The dining and kitchen area are combined and the same measurement as the living room.  It is complete with basic utilities like laundry area.

If you have a small lot and wanted a house where it efficiently utilizes the space, this house plan is your best contestant.

Source: Pinoy E-Plans