Budget-Friendly Modern House with 3 Bedrooms, Beautiful Lawn

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In building your home, the budget for the house is often a big factor in helping you pick what style or design you want to have. But make sure that when picking style, you still have to also put your comfort and the house’s appearance in mind.

Take for example this budget-friendly home that’s ideal for a growing family. It has 3 bedrooms, a beautiful lawn, and a great design but was only built for an affordable budget of just around Php800,000.

This lovely home features glass windows and sliding doors. The compact design saves space and lets you build this house for an affordable budget.

Modern Home Design

With a sloping flat roof, this house has a modern design that makes it a great option anywhere you build it. There’s a lovely porch at the main entrance that’s just beside the beautiful lawn.

There’s a small table that can seat 4 people. You can also opt to knock off the wall between the kitchen and the living area for a bigger space for the dining room in this 3-bedroom house.