Turning 30-Year-Old Terrace House to a Beautiful One, Looks Absolutely Brand New

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 It is common knowledge that just like people, houses also grow old. Without constant renovations and upgrades, an old house would really look old and worn out. This is especially true in abandoned houses as nature would quickly take over and cover the place with plants.

But there is still hope for old homes. Some people have the knack of turning an old house to a beautiful one that looks absolutely brand new!

Just take for example this 30-year-old terrace house that recently got an upgrade, turning it into a modern white house with impressive features inside and out!

Old House Becomes Brand New

The 2-story terrace house is 30 years old. It shows signs of wear and tear, with black moldy parts showing that it was not kept well by its owners.

The cost of building this modern villa could be upwards of Php2.5 million.