A wonderful place to live in, this grand house features 4 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, 2 kitchens, and a beautiful roof deck where you can relax and admire the view. It is perfect for a large family, but make sure to keep the roof deck safe from little kids.

4-Bedroom House

The main part of the house is actually set towards the back while the porch area with its beautiful roof deck creates a dominant structure at the front.

Sliding glass doors provide a lovely main entrance accessed through the porch but another set of doors can also be found at the enclosed structure beside the porch.

Though the exteriors have grey walls, the interiors are bright and provide you with a stylish place to live in.

Roof Deck, Grand House Design

The roof deck is not just a place to hang out but also becomes a focal point for this home. The grand house design also looks fantastic, with lots of huge glass windows, beautiful balconies, and marble tiles.

The spiral staircase provides direct access to the roof deck and also acts as accent at this spot. Lovely accent lights are placed at strategic spots on the exterior walls.

Elegant Interiors

From the stylish lights to the marble tiles to the gorgeous glass windows, the elegant interiors make this place a joy to live in. Stylish lights create a beautiful effect from the ceilings while lovely cabinets are used for your display collections.

The different parts of this house look truly fantastic, with a mix of built-in cabinets and ornate armoires. Even the bedrooms look so elegant.

Two Modern Kitchens and Superb Bathrooms

There are two well-equipped kitchens in this house, ensuring that you can handle large gatherings any time of the year. There’s a mix of full dining tables and bar counters in this house for eating and entertainment options.

This 2-story grand house costs at least Php6 million to build.