This modern-style house with striking blue and the white marine theme is a great place to raise a family, with four bedrooms and lots of space for everyone. Beautiful inside and out, this house is truly an excellent choice, particularly if you have the budget to build a bigger home.

A perfect-fit porch is accessed from a wide flight of stairs, making this different from the usual porch design. This home utilizes lots of glass to create the illusion of more space. So, the house looks even bigger, with no problem when it comes to lighting and fresh air.

This home is also stylish, featuring accents that add to its curb appeal.

Striking Exteriors

The outside walls are painted mostly in white, with blue accents that makes the space appear to have a marine theme. This color scheme is used throughout the house, extending towards the back.

Glass windows are found all over the place, with stylish lights also used both as accent and source of illumination during the night.

Bright Interiors

The white theme inside the house brightens up the space, creating the illusion of having a bigger floor area. There’s a grand hall directly accessed by the huge sliding glass doors. A gorgeous recessed ceiling is placed over the living room, with nice lights for added beauty.

The walls are painted in white while the marble tiles are in lighter shade.

Stylish Kitchen, Bathrooms

A darker shade of floor tiles is used in the kitchen. The single-line kitchen counters are placed in space that has backsplash with mostly black tiles. The kitchen is actually surprisingly small for such a huge house but is fully functional.

Built-in cabinets are placed under the kitchen counters, all of which are painted in white. Even the ceiling at the kitchen looks interesting.

The bathrooms are beautiful, with white marble tiles and modern fixtures.

This modern 4-bedroom house looks great, inside and out!