Like with any home, the brilliant execution of a floor plan is your key to maximize the potential of the overall living experience. With small houses, it is harder to plan where you can maximize space and have all areas functional. Difficult, but possible.

If you are planning to design a house with a small footprint, scroll through these houses with floor plans for inspiration.


For bungalows, instead of putting all the areas on all sides while having a cramped open space in the middle, try incorporating a makeshift hallway by installing blinds or a divider.


Another good idea is to include full-length glass windows to allow natural light to come inside your homes.


Having a house with two floors does not mean you have to occupy the whole two floors. Setting a smaller footprint for the upper floor will help air circulate better.


You can opt to have a balcony within the roof. This will save you from the expenses of a load-bearing ceiling that can spike up the construction value of your home.

It is also a great way to incorporate natural light and air circulation.


Here is another design for a bungalow where you can make use of a makeshift hallway to separate the rooms and the living and dining area. This will make sure you won’t have a cramped space if you force all your spaces on the exterior premise of your home.

You can also use a divider for this or even just a console table, just to visually separate the space to another one. Or you can make a whole wall too. Ultimately, it will be up to you and your preference when it comes to your home.

Just remember to understand the flow of the users inside the home, so you can plan how the spaces and areas should be arranged. Source: Facebook /