Having a small floor space for your home does not mean that you have to have a very small and cramped home. This house in this article is just 60 sq. meters and yet it has 2 bedrooms and is very spacious and comfortable.

A lot with at least 150 sq. meters area and a frontage of 10 meters can be used for this plan. The house has a roof that is high-pitched. Materials used are pre-painted long span roofing with wood plank effects or real wood planks. The high-pitch roof is beneficial for the house as it makes it well ventilated and provides more space for hot air.

Windows are purposely designed lower than the standard height of windows and higher than the standard height making it more attractive.

The beautiful corner window also gives the living room a great and elegant look especially when natural light penetrates the house. It also makes the house perfect for a corner lot.

Having a firewall on one side lets you construct your home far on the side of the lot and make use of the free space you get in front for your yard and open space.

As small as this house is, it has a carport for one car. The areas within the house are not stuffed in a big box, instead, the areas were made as if they have their own life, some protruding outside the exterior walls.

On the exteriors, these protruding areas are designed to have different finishes and colors, making them stand out and adding personality to the house.

One bedroom makes use of the front side of the house for its natural light and ventilation, while the other room adjacent to it makes use of the area at the back for its window.

Source: E Pinoy Plans