There’s a lot to love about this dream house in grey, despite the slightly ‘boring’ color scheme that the owner used. Some people might not like having a grey house, so you can update this to the color you want. But you’ll surely love the two beautiful porches at the front, the glass windows, the spacious and stylish interiors, and the modern kitchen.

White and red accents are used at the exteriors, creating a design that pops out and looks good even from afar. The interiors have light grey walls and grey tiles, too. But you can always brighten up this place with some colorful curtains and decorations.

Two Lovely Porches, Contemporary Style

This home features a contemporary style that uses flat roofs over separate sections to create a better design. It’s a home that you can certainly be proud of calling your own.

Entrance to this house is through the stairs at the middle. This house features not just one but two porches set at each side of the stairs. But only one porch has built-in benches for hanging out; the other one is really just for style though you can still fit a chair or two in this area.

Lovely Interiors, Stylish Home Design

This home boasts of a stylish interior design that uses creative and backlit ceilings. The lights are also carefully picked to add beauty to the space, not just provide illumination at night.

Light grey marble tiles are used for the floors in the living room, but a darker shade is used for the kitchen and the bathroom.

Elegant Bedrooms, Modern Kitchen

Meal preparations can be a breeze in the modern kitchen that comes with a built-in stove and a stylish hood. Built-in cabinets would be perfect for this kitchen space.

This house also features elegant bedrooms that are styled similarly to the theme used in the living room. Even the bathroom looks good.

It’s best to set aside a budget of at least Php2.5 million to build this dream house.