This native house is a beautiful place to live in or could be an additional structure in your yard that makes a nice spot for afternoon relaxation. This small yet adorable ‘Bahay kubo’ even come with a spacious balcony at the side.

Truly a perfect spot for hanging out, this charming little house is made up of mostly native materials that make this space cool even on hot summer days. Even the planters at the bottom of the stairs are made of bamboo.

Lovely accents are also used in this home, including an ornately carved jar at the entrance, set right by the stairs.

Charming Design, Nice House

Despite this being a small house, the charming design makes this a beautiful place to live in. Obviously, this house only has space for one bedroom that converts into a living room during the day but for many who live in this kind of house, that’s more than enough.

The floors of this ‘bahay kubo’ are made of bamboo slats that are made shiny by varnish. The walls are also made of amakan (woven bamboo strips) supported by bamboo slats.

Stone Kitchen

Made of stone, the kitchen is set at the back and features a more modern roof. There are also some modern kitchen appliances on the counter, but the stove is still made of traditional material. While the countertops are made of thick slabs of wood, the stone base makes this place safe for cooking.

There are also some cutesy pots and pans but the clay pots also complete the look of his bahay kubo kitchen.

Lush Garden Around the House

This house could be built in a suburban yard, of course, but it still looks best when complemented by a lush garden with fresh vegetables all year round. Lots of green plants are planted in this charming little bahay kubo that costs just around Php50,000 or less to build.