Painted in natural brown and sky blue, this adorable house on wheels is quite a sight to behold – on the road or parked in your yard. It’s a fabulous home that would be great for those who love to travel. What best to travel and feel at home than bring your home along, huh? It even features complete amenities and lots of built-in cabinet ideas you can also use for your primary home. Even the interiors follow the same color scheme, creating continuity.

The design is great and can be used even if you’re planning on a stationary home instead. You can still use it as inspiration.

Adorable Trailer House with Modern Design

The perfect house on wheels, this trailer home features a modern design flaunting lots of windows. In a bid to truly make you feel at home, there are even spaces allocated for hanging plants.

The blue and brown color scheme makes this trailer home stand out from the usual white options. It can surely be a fun place to stay for the whole family. This trailer home is also perfect for couples who want to travel around.

Great Interiors, Useful Built-in Cabinets

Because of the limited space, the living room shares the same space as the dining area.

What’s impressive is that built-in cabinets also function as other furniture or things as well. For example, the cabinets under the stairs make it appear like they were made as cabinets but found purpose as stairs, instead of the usual appearance of cabinets built under the stairs.

Space-saving Furniture, Fully Equipped Home

This home might be tiny but it has everything you need for a comfortable stay. It features space-saving furniture that can easily fold when not in use, making the space bigger.

The loft bedroom even has space for a queen-sized bed.

There’s also a full toilet and bath next to the kitchen.

Trailer homes can be expensive but the price might be lower if you build your own. This can cost upwards of Php2 million if bought as a trailer home but can be built for around Php1 million as a stationary home.

Source: Available Tiny houses with shipping available