Adorable Pink and Blue Theme for a Native House

We’re used to seeing native houses in their natural colors, meaning in brown or green hues. But some native homes feature fun colors, such as this one that’s decked in pink and blue. It’s not a combination that would suit everyone, but the homeowners thought this is a cute idea. Do you like it?

Even from afar this is already a striking house with its pink walls and blue accents. There’s a porch at the front, with low built-in benches that can double as seats for hanging out or extra spaces to display your plant collections. A house like this usually has one or two bedrooms, but it’s up to you to add more rooms on the other sides if needed.

Colorful House, Lovely Porch

The entire house might seem like a kindergarten with its pops of colors, inside and outside. Yet that makes this space stand out from other native homes.

Aside from having pink and blue walls, the house also has blue floors and printed curtains decked in yellow, pink, and other bright colors.

Simple but Beautiful Interiors

Bamboo furnishings are used for this home, with a darker hue than the usual light or natural brown. Decorations come in the form of posters and stuffed toys displayed on the shelves. The throw pillows also have cute and colorful designs.

Surprisingly, the dining area features a modern 6-seater table.

Even the dining room features pink walls with blue accents, a continuation of the exterior design.

Comfortable Bedrooms in a Nice House

The bedrooms in this charming native house are also made of bamboo, which matches the ones used for the living room.

There’s a cute little dresser to one side. It would be nice to add some wood cabinets to the rooms for closet spaces.

Building costs can vary, but this house can be built for less than Php200k.

Source: Awesome Philippines Houses

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