Looking like a huge purple yam cake with butter icing, this adorable house is a bright place to live in. It features 3 bedrooms in 90 sqm of space. The flat roof slopes towards the back but contours along specific sections of this lovely home. As such, lower and shorter roofs are placed on top of the porch and at the back area.

This house has a charming purple color with a darker violet base. The living room and hallway are also painted with a purple shade, but the 3 bedrooms are in green, with white doors.

A charming house with a nicely laid out floor plan, this home is truly a good choice for your family.

Lovely House Design

The design of this house looks lovely. It clearly stands out in the neighborhood, especially because of the cutesy colors. Just like most modern home designs, this one features a porch at the front area that perfectly complements the main entrance with sliding glass doors.

Built-in benches are provided at the porch to make the place look nice and more comfortable. Stylish lights are also picked for this home.

Charming Interiors

Inside the house, you can see a lovely space for the living room that’s also in purple.

The recessed ceiling has a beautiful design and is painted in white. Floor tiles across the house are in white marble design but the rooms have different colors from the main hall.

Comfortable Bedrooms, Excellent Floor Plan

This house has an excellent floor plan that ensures there is plenty of space for everyone. Even the hallway is spacious and seamlessly connects everyone to the bedrooms, living room, and the kitchen towards the back.

Dark brown baseboards define the spaces of this house and match the colors of the door jambs. A 3-bedroom house with this design and size may be built for around Php1.8 million.