An old man who used to live in a shack was able to get a nice home from a group of kind advocates who build him one out of their own pockets. The house is small but made of concrete, has a proper door and some windows to keep this old man safe. The roof and small porch area are even made from modern materials.

In a post shared at PERFECT HOME DESIGNS PH, a Facebook group to share home design ideas in the Philippines, Diomino Alfredo shared some pictures taken of the house they built for Tatay Jose.

The old man used to live in a rundown shack that had old bamboo and old GI sheets for walls. The roof was also made of old GI sheets.

Small, Modern House Design

The house might be small but it’s safe and just right for Tatay Jose who’s used to living in the rundown shack that didn’t even have a proper floor.

There’s a small porch at the front, with a roof that juts from the wall of the house. Adding a chair at this spot can make it a cozy hangout for Tatay Jose.

Modern Roof, Great Materials

The roof of the porch is supported by steel poles while the rest of the walls of house is made of concrete. The beams and trusses that support the roof are made from wood, but this is proper wood compared with the old wood that was used in Tatay Jose’s rundown shack.

The roof for the main part the house is made of the same modern material used on the porch. The flat roof design is economical and modern. The volunteers painted the house with a nice shade of pink.

Lovely Interiors

The interiors are painted with green and furnished with a steel bed with a mattress. The volunteers also placed wood-inspired linoleum on the floor to make the place look nicer.

A house like this would cost around Php100,000 to build. It’s a nice improvement to what Tatay Jose had been living in.