With a beautiful design that’s easy on the wallet, you’ll love this 2-bedroom house that comes with a large porch, a big hall for the kitchen, and a homey atmosphere. It is a great place to live with and would be perfect for a large lot with a farm. Yet this home would also be great even in an urban setting.

Brown House

Although brown in color, this house is by no means boring at all. The framed glass windows and the modern design added interest to the house while the big porch area is a good place for hanging out any time of the day.

Brown House space

The sliding glass doors are huge, creating a welcoming entrance to this lovely home.

Modern Design

Brown House side

The sloping flat roof is already a tell-tale sign that this is a modern home. The vertical glass windows are rather unique as they look like mini doors around the house. The porch also occupies a big space that’s nearly half the size of the house. It is clear that this spot is perfect for hanging out.

Brown House closer look

Brown House side view 2

Spacious, Beautiful Interiors

Airy and spacious, this house is a joy to live in. There is plenty of space inside, with the hall providing ample areas of welcoming visitors, hanging out, or dining. The interior walls are painted in beige while the greyish tiles still match the house’s earth tones.

Brown House beautiful interiors

Brown House outside

The two rooms are set on the same side while the area towards the back is used as kitchen.

Brown House living room

Brown House outside room

 Brown House living room 2

Nice Kitchen

With wood slats used as part of the wall in the kitchen side, this area has plenty of ventilation. The space is airy and light, but you can opt to use sliding glass windows in this spot, too.

The bathroom is located towards the back, easily accessible from all parts of this home.

You’ll be surprised that this beautiful 2-bedroom house was built for an affordable budget of just around Php650,000.