Building a house can be expensive, but it’s still nice to have a place to really call home – and not just rent forever. The good news is that you don’t need millions to build a house. One couple was able to build a 2-bedroom house for just around Php300k.

While it isn’t fancy, this nice house is comfortable enough and has all the elements of a modern home. It comes with a lovely kitchen and dining room that shares an open space with the living room. There are also two bedrooms, one toilet and bathroom at the back, and a dirty kitchen.

They were actually able to save some money because the wood used to build the house came from their parents’ trees, but the cost could still be around this budget if you build this kind of house.

Compact Floor Plan, Nice Home

This house features a compact floor plan that ensures you have all the elements needed for a comfortable home to share with your family.

The main door opens directly to the living room, while the two bedrooms are directly accessed from there. This ensures that there isn’t any wasted space for a hallway.

There’s a kitchen and dining area towards the back, but another dirty kitchen with a complete sink is set at the back area.

It’s actually a nice floor plan that you can easily use for any home design.

Half-Concrete, Half-Cement Board House

It’s always a good idea to ensure that the foundation of your house is strong. That’s why concrete is the best option for most homes.

While full concrete walls can be costly, many homeowners find it easier to build their homes with a concrete base and mixed materials for the upper portion, including cement board or even amakan and bamboo.

Source: Awesome Philippines Houses