Are you looking for a 3-bedroom floorplan for a small house you want to build, you may want to check this out.

This house is called Arcilla, a one-story and it can be built on a lot with at least 12 meters frontage and at least 20 meters deep.

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Arcilla Bungalow with Floor Plan

To provide a two-meter setback on the left, the right side of the 10-meter wide house is completely firewalled.

The front natural ventilation and natural light in the front are used by the garage, porch, and the Master’s bedroom on the left side.

The middle of the house is open-ended. Areas like Kitchen, Living Room, and the Dining Area all share an open space with no partitions.

The whole area opens up to the lanai that is connected to the garage and is slightly elevated to provide steps on the right side.

The two other bedrooms share a toilet&bath that can also serve as the powder room as it is close to the dining are and the open are.

The two bedrooms are at the back, adjacent to them and the kitchen is the service and small storage. This opens up to the backyard where a dirty kitchen or a garden can be built.

Estimated costs

The estimated cost for this kind of house varies with the materials that are going to be used.

The values that Pinoy E Plans provided are rough etimates for the finishes provided and are not to be taken exactly and is just for budget purposes.

These budgets already include Labor and Materials that are based on what builders usually bid. The following amounts are in Philippine Pesos.

Rough Finished Budget 1,704,000 – 1,988,000
Semi Finished Budget 2,272,000 – 2,556,000
Conservatively Finished Budget 2,840,000 – 3,124,000
Elegantly Finished Budget 3,408,000 – 3,976,000

Source: Pinoy E Plans