Having 2 bedrooms and a great design makes this beautiful house simply the perfect size for the family. Its lovely pastel colors are soothing to the eyes while the compact floor plan ensures that there is no wasted space inside.

This home features a nice porch where you can hang out anytime of the day while the hall inside provides enough space for the dining area and living room.

This house only has 1 bathroom, but that won’t be a big problem for this 2-bedroom house for the family. You can always opt to make some changes to the plan to accommodate other provisions, should lot space allow.

Spacious Porch, Modern Design

Built-in benches wrapped on the open sides of the porch ensure that you don’t additional furniture in this space to make it a good hangout for everyone.

The house features a modern design, with sliding glass windows and sliding double glass doors at the main entrance. However, the back area makes use of a wooden door.

Stone accents add curb appeal to this home.

Nice Interior Design

Step inside the double glass doors to enter the spacious hall. The 2 bedrooms are located on the same side, both with the same patterns on the doors.

The interior walls are painted in cream while the white ceilings are recessed and have a rectangular pattern. Don’t pick bulky furniture as such might make this compact space look smaller.

Functional Kitchen, Cute Bathroom

The kitchen is set towards the back, in doorless room of its own. There’s a single-line counter with a sliding window set just above the sink. If counter space is a problem, you can always add another counter on the opposite side for cooking.

The cute bathroom features a green and white theme, a stylish staircase-inspire partition, and an adorable wall tile art featuring Winnie the Pooh.

This house is estimated to be built for around Php1.6 million.