With a budget of Php1.3 million, this beautiful 1-story house is a good place to live in and has great features such as 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and a modern design inside and out. The front part is a nice porch with ample space for a table and chair.

This house has an inviting design, with its sliding glass doors making the space look even bigger. Just make sure to add floor-length curtains for privacy, particularly during the night when lights illuminate the interiors.

Inside the house, you can tell that the design takes style and comfort into consideration. The huge couch even doubles as a day bed or full-sized bed at night.

Impressive Design

This home features an impressive design that stands out from the neighborhood despite the house being set at almost the same level as the ground. The exterior walls are painted in a shade of old rose with brown trim.

The flat roof slopes towards the back, though a smaller roof juts out over the porch, sloping towards the opposite side.

Large Porch, Beautiful Living Room

Both the large porch and the beautiful living provide welcoming spaces for you to entertain guests anytime of the day. Marble tiles upgrade the house’s look, with the porch having a darker shade of mostly grey as compared with the brownish color at the living room.

One part of the living room features brick-styled wall.

Gorgeous Rooms, Modern Kitchen

The house has 3 gorgeous bedrooms, each with beautiful black doors. Walls are painted in cream while one wall is decked with bricks, similar to the living room.

A glass hood is placed above the stove in this modern kitchen. There’s a glass door that opens to the nice garden at the back. A table acts as kitchen island.

There are 2 bathrooms in this beautiful 3-bedroom house. One of the bathrooms features a grey theme with different styles of tiles used for added interest.