Beautiful 3-Bedroom House with Lovely Porch, Carport

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A modern home with a beautiful design, this 3-bedroom house features a lovely porch, a nice carport, and stylish interiors. Truly a place that you can be proud of, this house comes with sliding glass doors, large windows, and creative accents that make the place look much nicer.

There’s a separate roof over the porch. This is supported steel poles that are painted in black, with stylish lights attached to each one.

This house has concrete walls but one features bricks as accent, creating a nice look. Floors also come with wood-inspired parquet tiles for added style. This 1-story house really looks great inside and out.

Great House Design

Though it has grey walls on the exteriors, this house still looks fantastic. The natural concrete look on the grey walls actually make the place look more elegant. The front portion of the house features a porch that extends to the patio below.

This grand 3-bedroom house costs at least Php2.5 million to build.