Do you fancy a house that looks pleasing to the eyes? Then this one might be the right one for you. It’s dolled up with a combination of bluish green and white trim on the outside, and has a modern design from top to bottom. Sliding glass doors are used to maximize space. The bedrooms look cozy while the flowery prints make the bathroom look good.

About 1m of concrete is put as a walkway around the house. This serves a double purpose since it also keeps the house looking neat. You can opt to paint this house in the color you want, but it would be a nice idea to keep the white trim for style.

The house features two flat roofs; one is over the main part of the house while the other covers the porch.

Stylish Porch, Beautiful House Design

The spacious porch looks stylish and has enough space for a full table if you want to extend your dining area to this spot during days when you feel like having a meal outside your house.

Different colors and styles of floor tiles are used in various spaces on this house. It makes the place look interesting and also defines the boundary of each space without the need for walls.

Lots of Glass Windows, Lovely Wall Colors

The glass windows create different focal points for this house from the outside, keeping the space look more interesting. They’re matched with white trim.

The lovely wall colors also complement the overall look, though you’re free to use the colors you like if you’re more into a subdued, monochromatic look.

Colorful Bathroom

A place for finding comfort and relief, the colorful bathroom of this house looks good. Some folks might not like the flowery tiles, but that’s so easy to remedy by picking the colors or style that you prefer.

This beautiful blue-green house with a lovely porch would cost you around Php1.8 million to build.