With its nice gable roof and 2 bedrooms, this beautiful blue house is the perfect home for your growing family. It is set on a nice platform close to a meter high, putting you at an advantage against floods during rainy season.

A small porch creates a nice hangout at the main entrance of your house. This spot features a built-in bench with back support made of steel and wood for added elegance.

The beautifully painted blue walls of this house look attractive even from afar. White trim and ceilings are used for a complementary effect. This house has a traditional design that would be perfectly complemented by a nice garden.

Traditional Design, Beautiful Home

Having a traditional design makes this beautiful home pleasing to the eyes – and perfect for the family. Though the style might seem a bit outdated, this house gets an upgrade in the huge sliding glass doors that occupy the front portion.

The porch even has wood-inspired tiles to make the place look more of a charming cottage in the woods.

Cool, Stylish Interiors

Having blue walls make this house look pleasing to the eyes while the stylish interiors also come with elegant dome lights inside the recessed ceilings with a beautiful style.

The bedroom doors are made of wood, with natural wood-colored paint used to create authenticity and style. Sliding glass windows are also set up on the walls, looking stylish day and night.

Small, Modern Kitchen

The kitchen space is small but you can opt to use modern appliances to keep the space neat while ensuring you have everything you need to prepare delicious meals for the family. There’s a sliding glass window at the end that you can easily close to prevent wind from putting out the stove.

With 73.5 sqm of space, this 2-bedroom house costs around Php1.2 million to build.