Looking for a grand bungalow design that features lots of beautiful spaces inside and out? Look no further because the photos below will show you a grand home that you can be proud of, no matter what time of year.

A gorgeous abode with Mediterranean house design, you are sure to love this design.

Grand Bungalow 1

Slightly elevated to best accentuate the design, this home features an entrance with stairs that lead to the entryway with its intricately designed double doors made of glass and wood. The ornate design on the doors gives guests the impression that this is truly a grand house, even from the entryway!

Grand Bungalow 2

There’s an L-shaped porch to the left of the front door and a small one at the back, with a service ramp.

Grand Bungalow 3
Grand Bungalow 4
Grand Bungalow 5

In the photos, the house is still bare; this allows you to copy the design and easily picking the furniture that you want to put inside without influence from this design’s homeowner.

Grand Bungalow 6
Grand Bungalow 7

The kitchen features lots of large windows that bring the light in. The hood ensures that you can cook even the smelliest food without the scent wafting into your living room and sticking to the curtains.

Grand Bungalow 7
Grand Bungalow 8

Even the toilets are a sight to behold.

Grand Bungalow 9
Grand Bungalow 10

Just like the kitchen and living room, the bedrooms also feature huge sliding glass windows.

Grand Bungalow 11
Grand Bungalow 12

The architect of this house truly put attention to detail, making sure that accents are also added to the windows and the railings at the two porches.

Grand Bungalow 13
Grand Bungalow 14

The ramp at the back provides easy access to the home and is also great for wheeling in those heavy groceries you got from the store.

Grand Bungalow 15
Grand Bungalow 16
Grand Bungalow 17

Different places of the house have different floor details; though tiles are used to achieve a beautiful look that’s designed to last a lifetime.

Grand Bungalow 18
Grand Bungalow 19
Grand Bungalow 20

This house is truly a beauty!